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Vandoren ZZ Tenor Saxophone Reeds - In-Depth Review.

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Not getting the saxophone sound you would like? Confused by the plethora of different brands and cuts of saxophone reeds? Then you've come to the right place! An honest, detailed and impartial review of Vandoren ZZ Tenor Saxophone Reeds.....

Vandoren ZZ Tenor Saxophone Reeds have a 4.5 rating on Amazon with over 400 reviews and therefore have a rightful claim to be considered the best saxophone reeds.

The Vandoren ZZ reed is an unfiled "American Cut" reed which gives the player a rich, colourful sound with a quick response. Developed in 2002, the ZZ jazz reed is immediately responsive without sacrificing the brightness or tone quality required for jazz and popular music.

ZZs display many of the characteristics of Vandoren Java Reeds, such as a pleasing brightness and edge but with a much fuller, richer centre to the sound. In many ways it was developed to bridge the gap between the "woodiness" of Vandoren Traditional Reeds and the "fizziness" of the Java and certainly makes a good job of it.

As with all Vandoren reeds the ZZs come individually sealed in a "flow pack" to maintain freshness and are produced from premium quality French cane cultivated in Southern France. In terms of relative strength I would place them somewhere in between the Traditional and Java so bear this in mind if switching reed cut.

Vandoren ZZs are priced more cheaply than other reeds in the Vandoren range. They are neither a purely "classical" reed or "jazz/pop" reed but with the right combination of mouthpiece, reed and ligature it can be a reed well worth taking into consideration.

Get Your Reeds Here:

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase these reeds via this link.

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