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Rico Plasticover Tenor Sax Reeds by D'Addario - In-Depth Review.

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Not getting the saxophone sound you would like? Confused by the plethora of different brands and cuts of saxophone reeds? Then you've come to the right place! An honest, detailed and impartial review of Rico Plasticover Reeds by D'Addario.....

Despite being somewhat of a niche reed, the Rico Plasticover Tenor has almost 1000 reviews on Amazon and a healthy 4.5 star rating - it therefore ha a rightful claim to being the best saxophone reed.

Coated for durability and consistency and designed to resist moisture and climate changes, Plasticover is ideal for use in outdoor ensembles such as marching band, and for doublers who need to make quick changes between instruments. The plastic coating also assists in evening out any inconsistencies in the reeds fibre thus providing a much more consistent end product. The durable coating also provides a clear, projecting tone, making Plasticover a favourite with jazz, studio and pop musicians.

The Rico Plasticover Reed is a combination between traditional cane reeds and fully plastic reeds and provides a "buzzier" sound rather than the woodiness of the traditional cane reed. It therefore lends itself to amplified music settings where a brighter, more edgy sound is required. Many saxophonists feel that the consistency and durability of the reeds is a worthwhile trade-off to a slightly less vibrant sound.

Rico Plasticover Tenor Sax Reeds are in a similar price range to its professional reed counterparts but offers much greater consistency and therefore better value for money than its cane alternative.

Get Your Reeds Here:

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase these reeds via this link.

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