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Rico Jazz Select Tenor Saxophone Reeds by D'Addario - In-Depth Review.

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Not getting the saxophone sound you would like? Confused by the plethora of different brands and cuts of saxophone reeds? Then you've come to the right place! An honest, detailed and impartial review of Rico Jazz Select Tenor Saxophone Reeds.....

Despite their cost, Rico Jazz Select Tenor Saxophone Reeds are a popular choice among sax players and boast a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 300 reviews. In the opinion of many they are considered the best saxophone reeds.

With a thick spine and a longer vamp, these aim to help the player to produce a bigger sound with greater projection and flexibility, making them ideal for jazz.

Most reed brands offer half strength gradients (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, etc.), but Rico by D’Addario Jazz reeds allow the saxophonist to be more specific in that regard by offering strength gradients ascending in thirds: each strength number has a soft, medium and hard option.

Rico Jazz Reeds are available in both filed and unfiled versions. The filed "French Cut" version gives a brighter sound with faster vibration, whereas the unfiled "American Cut" cut offers slightly more resistance as a result of the bark from the reed’s shoulders remaining intact.

Rico Jazz Reeds are slightly more expensive than rival brands, but their quality control and consistency make them the reed of choice for many of the biggest names in jazz. As such their price would not make them the reed of choice for a beginner but from intermediate up to professional Rico Jazz Reeds' consistency make them an excellent option.

Get Your Reeds Here:

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase these reeds via this link.

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