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Vandoren Java Alto Saxophone Reeds - In-Depth Review.

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Not getting the saxophone sound you would like? Confused by the plethora of different brands and cuts of saxophone reeds? Then you've come to the right place! An honest, detailed and impartial review of Vandoren Java Alto Saxophone Reeds.....

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, Vandoren Java Alto Sax Reeds can rightly stake its claim to being the best saxophone reed.

Vandoren Java Reeds were developed in 1983 to rival the filed "American Cut" reeds popular at the time with jazz saxophonists. Java reeds have a thicker tip and more flexible palette for maximum vibration and elasticity compared with its Traditional counterpart, providing a more immediate response and and brighter sound.

Each reed is sealed in a "flow pack" to ensure freshness and is made from premium French cane. Javas will feel a little easier to play compared to its traditional counterpart so this is advisable to select a reed strength 1/2 grade harder than normal if switching from Vandoren traditional reeds.

Javas are the brightest reeds in the Vandoren Collection and as such are favoured by jazz and popular music players rather than classical saxophonists. As always however, it is always a combination of reed, mouthpiece and ligature which creates the overall saxophone tone.

Vandoren Java Reeds have the characteristic of being able to be played "straight of of the box" which also makes them popular among jazz players as they don't require to be "blown in" like the more traditional Vandoren Reeds.

Javas are a little more expensive than Vandoren Traditional Reeds but their excellent playability and attractive brightness make them the reed of choice for many jazz saxophonists.

Get Your Reeds Here:

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase these reeds via this link.

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