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Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reeds - An Honest Review.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

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Not getting the saxophone sound you would like? Confused by the plethora of different brands and cuts of saxophone reeds? Then you've come to the right place! An honest, detailed and impartial review of Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reeds.....

Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reeds are quite simply the gold standard of alto sax reeds. They are the first reeds I recommend to my students and with an Amazon 4.5 star average rating based on over 3500 reviews, most saxophonists would seem to agree that the Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reeds really are the best saxophone reeds.

So what are the characteristics of the Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reed? Founded in 1905, Vandoren Reeds are well known for their high quality and excellent response in all registers. Used primarily as a classical reed, it is also popular amongst jazz saxophonists who prefer a darker, "woodier" sound as it allows for greater dynamics across the entire range of the saxophone.

Each reed is sealed in a "flow pack" to ensure freshness and is made from premium French cane. This filed "French Cut" reed has a very thin tip and robust heart to provide maximum response and a more focused, flexible tone. With a filed reed the bark is removed with a definite cut before the vamp is shaped. "Blue Box" reeds tend to feel harder than most other brands so I would advise selecting a reed strength that is 1/2 below your normal strength if you are considering switching brands.

In terms of cost, Vandoren Traditional Reeds are a mid-range priced reed but many will feel the consistency and quality of sound is well worth the price.

Get Your Box Here:

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission should you choose to purchase these reeds via this link.

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